French president Nicolas Sarkozy launches social media campaign

Posted on February 17, 2012


Sarkozy announcing his candidacy-- "If i am elected, no one will be homeless and forced to sleep in the street" "Um, you've already said that before, Mr. President" "Yes, but I haven't actually done it."

French President Nicolas Sarkozy finally joined Twitter on Wednesday. Better late than never!

“Good day to you all, I’m very happy today to launch my Twitter account, thank you to all of those who would like to follow me,” he said in his first tweet, using his official Twitter handle @NicolasSarkozy.

Sarkozy then appeared on TF1, France’s largest private TV network, during the 8:00 pm news to announce his official bid as `presidential candidate  (again, better late than never). His statement appeared as a tweet too:

"Yes, I am candidate for the presidential election."

Sarkozy’s announcement didn’t come as a shock to anyone as rumors that he would do so have been circulating for months.

“We’ve known this news for weeks, we’ve known it since forever. The truth is that the president-candidate has been a candidate for the past five years,” his opponent and current leading candidate François Hollande said.

During his TV appearance, Sarkozy admitted that France’s economic problems required radical solutions and pledged to resolve them.

Um, hadn’t he made the same promise in the last election?

At the end of the day, the current president and now official presidential candidate already had 45,530 “followers” on Twitter.  But Hollande (whose Twitter handle is @fhollande), with more than 157,000, is way ahead of him. Interesting that Hollande is leading Sarkozy both in the polls and in the social media front…

François Hollande's Twitter account.

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