Best viral videos of the French presidential elections

Posted on April 11, 2012


One of the best parts of presidential elections is the creativity of regular citizens who decide to produce clever videos that express voters’ feelings and attitudes towards the candidates using a good sense of humor.

France is not the exception. Here is a list of some of the best viral videos of the French elections so far.

1) The “Mélenchon girl”

"Mélenchon girl" appears in viral video where she confesses her love for the presidential candidate.

This week, a new video popped up about a sexy blonde professing her love for French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélénchon, earning her the title of “Mélenchon girl.”

Her nickname (given by the media) is, of course, a reference to “Obama girl,” who in 2007 starred in a viral video where she confessed her admiration for then U.S. senator and now president Barack Obama.

The clip “Prends-le pouvoir sur moi Jean-Luc Mélenchon” (which loosely translates to “Take power over me, Jean-Luc Mélenchon”) features a 24-year-old singer by the name of Victoire Passage, who seductively begs the socialist candidate to “take power over me Jean-Luc”.

Passage posted the video on Dailymotion, and has received 400,000 views (which is a lot for France, especially since it was only uploaded this week). The video has  been re-posted on hundreds of other sites and blogs, and of course, shared on Facebook and Twitter.

The video does not come from an amateur. It is slick and well-produced. Mélenchon girl is seen daydreaming of the candidate in different situations and finally, in a steamy scene drinking champagne with the candidate (a man wearing a cardboard mask of Mélenchon) in a bubble-filled bathtub.

Here are some of the lyrics:

“Oh, Jean-Luc I give you my wings/ to take you to the présidentielle”

“Take power over me Jean-Luc/I want you to be my pedestrian crossing/a concrete landmark/not something made of cardboard.”

“Your programme, I didn’t read it/But Jean-Luc, I love your flow.”

Now watch the original “I got a crush .. on Obama” video. The similarities are undeniable:

And while the video does not make any sort of serious statement, viewers are reacting to it.

Some are labeling it as “ridiculous,” and “stupid.”

Others, like Dailymotion user Arcade70 posted: “I take it as a sketch, it’s the humor of the moment. Bravo, it’s really a professional video, completely delirious, The left of the left has rarely ever been this sexy…”

Meanwhile, particulier59, felt a bit offended at the lyric ‘I haven’t read your program.’ “He added: “This lyric doesn’t please me at all. The program of the Front de Gauche is serious and complex on the economic plan. And one must do more than read to understand… ”

And in a reference to Obama girl, Pyroman II wrote: “…I hope this ‘Obama-girl’  predicts the same success as that of the American president.”

2) The baby that says “no” to all French presidential candidates.

In this clip, the star of the video is a wide-eyed baby named Charlotte. Her dad asks her whether she would vote for any of the French presidential candidates and the baby’s response is always a resounding “No, no, no!”

The video is being posted on numerous sites so it’s difficult to know how many views it has received, but it’s near the one million views, if not more. In many of the sites, like this one, it has the headline of “Presidential Elections: Baby Charlotte teaches us to say “No” (to all presidential candidates).”

Here is the exchange between Charlotte and her dad:

Dad: Would you like to vote?

Baby Charlotte: No

Dad: For Philippe Poutoux?

Jean Luc Mélenchon?

François Bayrou then?

And, François Hollande?

So you’re going to vote for Nicolas Sarkozy?

Ah, so you prefer Dupont Aignan? 

And Eva Joly?

Marine Le Pen?

You want to vote for Jacques Cheminade?

Nathalie Arthaud then?

Baby Charlotte: No, no, no! 

The video is actually a fake. As it turns out, little Charlotte is not French. She is American, and her real dad shot the original video almost two years ago, during Christmas time. It was so popular in the U.S. that it was featured in several TV programs and viewed more than 14 million times.

This version of it must have been done by a French man or woman with a great sense of humor.

But who cares where the original came from, right? You can’t deny that the video is incredibly funny, cute and clever.

It also speaks about political apathy in France. As one YouTube user commented: “I will follow your advice, Charlotte. Thank you.”

3) La Chanson du Dimanche (The Sunday Song)

A shaggy-haired duo has won over the admiration of French voters with their witty songs and simple videos that poke fun at the French political campaign.

Every Sunday, the musical duo uploads a new video on YouTube, thus the name “La Chanson du Dimanche,” which translates to “The Sunday Song.” They have become so popular, they have over 29 million views on their YouTubechannel.

Guitarist Clément Marchand and keyboard-player Alexandre Castagnetti make up the group, which debuted online in 2007 according to this Wikipedia entry (in French).

This February, they posted the video France Forte (“Strong France”), which mocks French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign slogan, right after the now-candidate announced he was running for re-election.

Among the lyrics, you’ll find the following, which poke fun at Sarkozy and his wish to be re-elected despite the fact that his term as president was far from perfect:

I made some mistakes, honey,

It’s true I was dumb, honey,

I’m going to catch up, honey,

I’m leaving for combat again.

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